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The big picture for companies delivering sophisticated products and services in global markets gets more complex by the day. Leaders and teams in modern supply chains on a daily basis must master the “Four E’s”:

Economics - delivering the optimal blend of high performance and total cost
Events - building resilience to shocks and disruption, from pandemics to geopolitics
Environment - stepping up to the challenges of pollution, climate change and net zero
Ethics - securing the social license to operate, worldwide

This requires clear strategies and excellent operational practices. This is easy to say but hard to do. Our clients know we are supply chain specialists. We help deliver precise solutions for complex problems.

We work “at the elbow” at every level of your business - from the boardroom to the shop floor - to embrace change, improve performance and meet your targets in both the near- and long-term. Our work is driven by our vision, mission and values, as well as our practitioner skills.

We are HK Management Partners.

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To build supply chains that meet vital needs in an uncertain world

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Trust. Focus. Solve

  • We build strong relationships based on trust
  • We focus on the essentials, however complex the situation
  • We solve problems in ways that are fast, pragmatic, sustainable
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Precision. Transparency. Experience. Collaboration. Integrity

  • We build precise solutions for your complex problems
  • We use evidence and data for robust, transparent decision making
  • We bring years of experience to help you deliver a world class supply chain
  • We work collaboratively with you to achieve faster, better results
  • We know integrity and ethical behaviours are the foundation for sustained value creation


We work the way we do, because we’ve all done industry as well as consulting jobs. We have all felt the pressure of demanding targets, insufficient resources, competing demands and teams that struggle with their focus and motivation.

This experience means we know there is “art” as well as “science” in a modern supply chain. We enjoy working on complex problems and finding the precise mix of behaviours, skills and methods that fit the specifics of the business - where it wants and needs to get to.

Rather than write reports we prefer getting results. We like working in a flexible, low-overhead business alongside a global network of like-minded senior practitioners. We have a repeat business model, based on trust and outcomes achieved.

If we sound like a good fit for your business, please get in touch.

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